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How to get geographic boundaries for cities in ArcGIS Online like in ArcGIS Excel?

05-05-2022 10:43 AM
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Hello all,

So nromally I would use Excel to amp with ArcGIS, but the data load I'm running unfortunately is too much for Excel to handle. I was however able to map what I needed through the website but there's one problem: The map theme on the website just gives me dots/markers while the Excel version of Excel gives me actual city boundaries.

For example, this is what I get in Excel. You can clearly see the city boundaries.




On the website though, I only get this option.



The overall map I'm trying to run costs 500 credits, and I'm only allotted 2000 so I don't have a lot of room to explore. Is is possible I didn't do something when first uploading the map?

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Just bumping

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Never used Excel for that so can't test.  But, the symbology for the Excel pics looks like it's applied to a polygon layer, the other is symbology for points.

So, it appears as if they are different datasets.  If you want to show the outlines of the cities, will need a polygon (or line) layer.

Is this local data or something we can test with?


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Is there any update on this?

I want to create boundaries around the Canada's different state or cities like ontario, toronto, quebec as so one.

Does it possible?

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