how to get an average of a field in a web map over a period from the dashboard

02-03-2021 11:18 AM
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I am making a dashboard. I want to change a color of a point on the map according to the period I select on the dashboard's header. The point holds monthly records. I want the color changed according to the range of the average of the monthly records in the selected period. (blue: <235, yellow: 235~1260, red: >1260

I tried this:
a Web Map > "Contents" > the data layer > "Change Style" > "Choose an attribute to show" > "(Expression)" > clicked a pen icon > "Expression" > added "return mean($feature["Reporting_Result"]);"

It doesn't return the average of the single column ("Reporting_Result") in the specified period at the dashboard. I honestly do not know what it returns. The color changes oddly.

In short, the red circle on the map should be blue (avg. 171) but it's red:





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