How to flip the Y coordinate in a TMS for AGOL or Pro

11-04-2021 08:47 AM
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I have a TMS for Japan that I've been able to get into QGIS as an XYZ service, but I've been unable to get it into AGOL or Pro without strange behaviour.{z}/{x}/{-y}.png 

this is the URL that works in QGIS. As you can see, I had to flip the Y in the quadkey by calling {-y} instead of {y}. However, the same URL doesn't work in Pro or AGOL when adding a data source from a URL path. I have also tried to call flipy=true as a parameter using both these URL requets{z}/{x}/{y}.png?flipy=true {level}/{col}/{row}.png?flipy=true 

i've also tried swapping the X and Y order, and tried calling {reverseCol} but  that didn't work either.

Can anyone suggest an alternative to fix the quad key for the ESRI platform?

The SRS is Web Mercator 3857. 

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I'm having the same issue, any update on this topic?

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Hi @David_Brooks David,

Have you solved this issue?

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