How to find missing / not-used Coded Values in a domain?

06-03-2021 01:06 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have hosted feature layer that will be used for collection.  Inside that layer is a field with a bunch of coded values.  I need to find a way to see which coded values weren't used / collected.

For example:  If the Field Name is: Alphabet and the List of Values is A through Z.  How do I find the letters that weren't collected?

Preferably I would like to see this as the field workers are collecting but anything is better than not knowing right now.

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Add the layer to an ArcGIS Session and perform summary statistics on the field and it's values to get a count of each.  Then compare that to your domain: you can use domain to table and relate the resulting table to the stats table and see what is used or not used.

That should just about do it....
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Something I just noticed while editing my own domains in AGOL was that in the list while you edit, there are counts off to the side. It's not super elegant, but it does work 



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Oh I like this, I was playing around with the Frequency GP tool this morning but this could be good.


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