How to edit SDE layers

07-05-2013 09:45 AM
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Hi all

I am getting the following error message when I add an SDE layer to ArcGIS Online

Layer 'XXXX' seems to be on an internal network and is not accessible to Thus, editing will be disabled on this layer.

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I'm did you add the sde layer to Online?  Was it part of a service definition (sd) file you loaded?  Or is it data in a feature service you added to Online?
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Am I correct in assuming the layer references a feature service you're trying to edit? If the feature service is running behind a firewall, ArcGIS Online won't have access to it. Thus, you can't edit it. Some operations, like displaying the layer do work, because the URL to the service is accessible to the browser, which is also running behind the firewall.


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I just created a map service and included one editable SDE layer for testing purposes.  The I added it to the map pointing to my ArcGIS Server rest service.
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Any news regarding this?

I'm trying to edit my data that's publically accessible (although the .com is behind basic .NET authorization, which I enter in order to view the data), but I receive the "Layer 'layer' seems to be on an internal network and is not accessible to Thus, editing will be disabled on this layer." I can see it through the internet without any issues. Feature access is enabled.

I added the map through ArcGIS online by providing the feature service layer URL.

Edit. According to this,, I need a CORS-enabled browser, which I am running. I'm running ArcGIS Server 10.1 SP1. My Desktop software is the same version. Also, the SDE feature dataset has been versioned and registered to ArcGIS Server. We're on Server Enterprise Standard.
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Hi Andrew,

I would encourage you to contact support, so an analyst can take a look at this. It could be that CORS isn't enabled properly on the server, or it could be an issue with how the service is secured.

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