how to download Sketch Layer or Express Maps 'Drawn Features' from AGOL?

05-05-2021 06:46 AM
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How can we download 'Drawn Features' created in storymaps Express Maps? It does not create an item and I don't even see a REST link on the JSON in the Assistant. (I was hoping I could download that way)  It offers a great fast way for end users to create geometry and features; put some text and a photo on a feature, etc. What if we want to download it later? I would hope the text would be an attribute, the photo an attachment, and it could download as a geodatabase. And be seen as an Item.  Same question for the "new" map notes, aka "Sketch Layer" on the "new" map viewer.


Sometimes creating hosted feature layers is overkill and users want a quick way to enter info but I want to ensure we have a way forward if we want to download and turn the features into a true dataset and then convert to a hosted feature layer or an on-premise dataset in a geodatabase.

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