How to display last point by date field?

04-22-2020 08:53 AM
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I have a list of wildlife points that I'm collecting using Survey123, which I then load directly into a web map on ArcGIS Online. I have ~15 individuals, and I would like to set it up to automatically filter all but the last point. I am seeing posts on updating the SQL query to show only the point collected in the last day; however, I need my filter to be a little bit more variable than that. 

For example, individual 1 might be located on Monday and Friday, individual 2 on Wednesday, etc., and on Saturday I only want to display the Friday point for individual 1 and the Wednesday point for individual 2, and so on for each individual.

I can do this within a web map or web app setting, I just want to dynamically see where the individual was last seen. What is the best way to go about this?

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I don't have the solution you are asking for, but you could symbolize the map by time?

Set up a separate layer for each individual.  and use an Arcade expression to show the more recent dates more prominently.

Take your feature layer and define symbols based on a Arcade expression similar to this.

Then edit an expression

Then try an expression like this:

var vstat = ''
var time1 = Date($feature.CreationDate)
if (DateDiff(Now(), time1, 'minutes')<=5){
 vstat = 'within last 5 minutes'
 vstat = 'older than 5 minutes'
return vstat;

I used 5 minutes for time, but you can use days, hours, etc...

This will give you some default symbols, modify them to get a display you want.  I made the older times more transparent. You could make them completely transparent, only showing the individual if it was in your specified time.

Set a Refresh Interval on the layer, so it will automatically update over time.

After that I set a filter to a specific 'animal'


Then just copied the layer and set Filter and Symbols for each individual.

In the first picture above I also labeled using the same expression, to give some context.  


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Hello! Is there a way to display the latest date for each item collected?

For example: I have a dataset that contains multiple features, some features are collected more than once. I am trying to display those features only once by the latest date of entry.

Thank you

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