How to create and load a layer group to ArcGIS online ????

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04-24-2013 11:04 AM
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Basically, just want it to behave more like ArcGIS Desktop where I can group layers thematically and allow people to open and close the folders of layers in ArcGIS online or Explorer online maps.

Any help much appreciated. I have ArcGIS 10.1 and a institutional ArcGIS online account, my tools available.

Thank you!!!
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Hmm, that is interesting. But if you need to keep the symbology and things like that (which you can only get by saving and publishing the service) this wouldn't work, would it?

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This is really interesting. But I am uploading my layers through by publishing service through ArcGIS Desktop and it seems that even if I group them in Desktop, they are not transferred over the same.

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Are you publishing your layers and bringing them into AGOL as feature services? Feature service publishing does not allow for or honor groupings.

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Eninna, I know this was long ago, but did you ever figure out how to upload these layers into a group. I seem to be having the same problem as you.

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Eninna added the zipped shapefile (with more than one shapefile inside it) directly via the Add button in the map viewer. This workflow yields the group structure illustrated. If you add the same zipped shapefile as an item to My Content and publish a hosted feature layer from it (or publish from Desktop), adding the hosted feature layer to a map will not yield the same group structure. Each layer within the hosted feature layer will appear as its own independent layer in the map. Ideally, we would not have this inconsistency.



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I believe if you add a map service from ArcGIS Server (not a feature service) to a map you will get the layers grouped under the map service. So if you were to publish your various groups as their own services, you could add them as map services and they will be grouped by their service name.

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Are there plans to allow groupings when publishing a feature service rather than a map service?  We have users throughout the company that create maps with hosted layers.  It's not protocol at this time to register their data for adhoc projects with the Data Store.  Some of their datasets are quite large, which forces them to break them into multiple .csv files, which they upload using Add Data one at a time.  (We are using ArcGIS Server versus Portal, but are in the process of standing up Portal.)



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