How to create a clean (faithful) tile cache for categorical raster data?

03-29-2016 02:02 PM
New Contributor

I'm using ArcGIS Desktop tools to create a tile cache for a land cover raster that is intended for upload to ArcGIS Online. Perhaps this is the wrong tool for the job, but Manage Tile Cache (which I've used successfully with image [continuous] data), is making a mess of discrete land cover data. Is there a way to get ArcGIS Desktop to do this without mangling the data?

Input land cover data looks like this:


Output tile cache looks like this:


I am using a slightly-modified version of the ArcGIS Online tiling scheme with PNG/compact format. Ideally, the tiles should bear a closer resemblance to the original data. I can live with the slight color changes, but the made-up values around the edges of land cover patches are unacceptable. This is an extremely large raster, so converting to polygons is probably not a viable option.

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