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How to clip by layer extent in Arcgis Online? Possible?

02-16-2023 12:15 PM
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Hello all,
I have several layers, about 7 in total, that display different location points of various types of wells across all 50 states. My boss only wants to see the locations of wells in certain areas of each state, with a separate arcgis online map for each view. I have a layers that defines boundaries of interest.

In arcgis pro , I can right-click the map, choose properties, choose "clip layers" and set my boundary layer as the clipping layer for all layers at once. Which is fantastic!

However, when I share this map with Arcgis online, ArcGIS online isn't preserving only showing items within my clip layer extent. Instead, it is showing all possible data for each layer, so I have wells appearing in all 50 states.

Does Arcgis online not have the option to clip all layers in a map at once as I can in Arcgis pro? Or is there an alternate way to do this Arcgis online?

The best way to visualize this in your mind is to think of a map that displays different types of wells, gas well, oil well, water well, etc, are across the USA, and he wants a map that shows what wells are only in a specific area in Florida. Then a separate map with well locations in a specific area in Georgia, and many more maps following the same logic. Each of these maps needs to be in Arcgis Online. Any thoughts on how to do this?

As I said I can do it perfectly in Arcgis Pro using the "Clip Layer" tool but I am having no luck in Arcgis online. I looked at "Layer views" in arcgis online and thought that might give me the desired result, but I can only see how to clip by a layer's attribute, not how to clip by a secondary layer's outline. Am I doing something wrong here?

Any help would be great!

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I think an Arcade geometry function would be a good solution


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Arcade should work, but another method might be to use Map Viewer Classic (analysis tools coming to Map Viewer next week). See if Overlay Layers delivers what you need. Overlay Layers Combines two or more layers into a single layer. 

I ran a test of overlaying a point layer (your wells) with a polygon layer with a resultant point layer that combines attributes from the polygon layer. From there you could create views on the feature layer that would enable you to author separate maps to keep the boss happy.

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@JonJones1 do you have one layer for the bounding areas or several?

As @BernSzukalski mentioned, you could use the Overlay Layers tool to find where the points you have intersect the various bounding areas.

If your bounding areas were all in one layer, you could also perform a spatial join using the Join Features tool, choosing to join the bounding areas to the point features where the points are Completely within the polygon features.
Then, you could create views of and/or filter your resulting points based on the name or ID of each bounding area.

You can find out more information about the Join Features tool here.

Both tools are currently available in Map Viewer Classic, and will be available in Map Viewer this week. 
As mentioned in this documentation about performing analysis in ArcGIS Online, in order to use any of the analysis tools, you need the following privileges:

  • Create, update, and delete content
  • Publish hosted feature layers
  • Spatial Analysis

These privileges are available with a Creator or GIS Professional user type and a Publisher, Facilitator, or Administrator role. 

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