How to change the owner in Story Maps (public account)?

06-20-2019 12:41 PM
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I apologize if this is recently answered elsewhere, I just can't seem to find something concrete to help me. At my organization, myself and a student worker are working on a Story Map Journal. We only have the Public account. The student had to leave unexpectedly and her email will be deactivated by the organization soon. The student was the one who created the skeleton of our map, adding images and I was going to go in and fine tune and add narrative. However, we have not been able to figure out how to change the owner from the student to myself so that I can continue working on the Story Map Journal. I am a member of the group but unable to edit anything. We can't figure out if there is an alternative to me just having to start all over again with a new Story Map. I can log in with her credentials but am concerned what will happen (if anything) once her email account here is deactivated. Thank you!

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Hi Gayle,

There is a way for an Administrator to change ownership of ArcGIS Online items.  Here is the doc: (Under the section called "Manage Items for a Specific Member", #7: reassign ownership.)  Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much! I feel a bit embarrassed but I can't seem to see who is what - we just have the free account individually and not as an organization as far as I am aware (although I'll find out!) so I'm not sure if this applies?

When I look for my role: 

If you're not sure what role you were assigned or if you need more information about your role, click the Role Information button Role Information in the Role section of your profile.

There is no Role Information button, it simply has the student as the owner and myself as a member. 

I guess we should have planned this out better, we were just experimenting and did not expect this road bump! Thanks for your assistance, I'm going to take a closer look.