How to best share maps and data with non-account holders in a NFP without making the data public

11-14-2021 06:07 PM
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I am helping a small local community NFP use ArcGIS Pro to map their community assets, by purchasing 2 or 3 NFP Pro licences so we can input all the data and set up the maps/layers.

We now need an easy way for the key volunteers who run the org to be able to access and view (no edit permission required) the data online, ideally without needing to take out a paid account.

Can we set ArcGIS Online up in this way, ideally using a view-only link to our maps and data?

If we need to ask our volunteers to create free Online accounts, is there a way to make our maps and data private so only our volunteers can access rather than being Public?

Thanks in advance!

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