How to add new field to hosted feature layer and import data

06-19-2020 02:45 PM
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This seems a relatively simple request:

I have a .csv file which I've imported as a hosted feature layer.  It has 4,367 rows of point data.  It works perfectly and is referenced in multiple web maps and scenes.

I want to add a field (column) to that layer and import additional data against the existing rows matched by Unique ID.

I've tried to do this by:
- Overwriting the .csv file to the layer but it doesn't include the additional column
- Creating a new field in the 'Data' view with the same name as the new column in the .csv file and matching by unique ID, but this just throws an 'error' and fails without any other message.

I've also tried changing another column which is unique to 'unique' but ArcGIS online says it's not 'unique' even though it is (it has come from a database as a unique field, and in Excel a countif is showing that all rows are unique)...

I've gone round in circles for an hour.

If every time I want to add a new 'column' / field of data to the same table, I have to upload a new file and create a new hosted feature layer, none of my existing maps will link to the new data, and I'll have to re-create all the web maps again.

I really don't want to do a one-to-one join via analysis and create another layer... I just want to simply update my existing table with a new column of data based on import .csv data via a unique ID...

What am I missing? Surely this should be such a simple procedure?


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I have a similar problem.  I have 10,000 parcel polygons as a hosted feature layer in AGOL and I need to add a SiteID field to all 10,000 parcels.  The common field is the parcel number.  Seems VERY straightforward, but a join strips any related tables.  

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