How to add a field to a census block layer I found on ArcGIS online?

10-09-2020 12:33 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm a middle school student and have just started learning about ArcGIS. I found a free census block layer and added it to my map. I wanted to add another field to the table for this layer and display that new field as my labels. I don't seem to find a way to edit the table, and not even after I copy / and saved it as my own layer. I'm using ArcGIS Online trial version. 

Could somebody point me to the right direction? Thank you! 


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Hi Brendan, 

If you found the layer by searching within ArcGIS Online and it is owned by another user, more than likely the reason you are unable to edit it is because the user turned editing off for the layer. The only way you would be able to edit it from ArcGIS Online would be if you were the host/owner of the data. 

You can, however, open the layer within ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap and run the Feature Class to Feature Class tool. This will export the Feature Class and create a copy of it that you should then be able to edit. 



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