How exactly does multi-user editing work in AGOL?

08-14-2019 02:40 PM
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I was working on deadline this week with 2 colleagues on a project that utilized the same map one of us had made. I started to get strange results, and it makes me ask, "what exactly is going on in the multi-user situation with shared maps?"

1.  Colleague made map set up a bunch of layers we would need and we all started work.

2.  I open the map while she is in it.  How does it arbitrate what happens if we try and change styles on the same layer?

3. Whose edits get saved?

4. A lot of work was taking this one big master layer, and restyling it for about a dozen different views.  I dupe the "original" layer, and then rename the copy.  I do my setups.  I save her shared map.  I come back the next day, and not only is my dupe layer not in there, neither are my edits.  Huh?

5. I did the same as above, but compelled a local layer save by doing a "save layer" on my dupe layer that was set up with my needed settings.  That did save locally in my content, but did not appear in the content list when I open the map.  She reports that she does see my layers fine.  I have to go re-add them, and start work again from that point.

Is the multi-user broken?  Buggy?  Was something weird going on?  It really shakes our confidence when we do a bunch of work and it disappears like this.

Anybody know what is going on?

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