How does ArcMap metadata for layers in a published map service update ArcGIS Online item details?

05-22-2019 12:06 PM
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I use ArcMap 10.7 to publish 24 Feature Classes as Layers in a Map Service. I then add the individual layers from the map service REST URL to ArcGIS Online for use in our organization. The 'Item Details' in ArcGIS Online is blank for Summary, Description, Tags, Credits, etc.

As an example desired end-state, the USFWS has a National Wetlands Inventory Service When this service is added as an item to ArcGIS Online, the Summary, Description, Tags, and Credits are automatically generated. This is what I'm trying to do.

I have tried right-clicking on a layer > properties > General tab and the information entered does not appear in ArcGIS Online. I have also tried the description tab for the feature class in ArcCatalog to no avail.

This support page from esri confused me very much but may hold the answer?

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I think the workflow you need is 1)  Enter the Metadata in the feature class  2) Export to XML using the XML Transformation tool and 3) import the XML to the online metadata as described in the help:

Use the XSLT Transformation geoprocessing tool from ArcMap with one of the following style sheets to export the metadata content to a stand-alone metadata XML file in the ArcGIS metadata format: exact copy of.xslt, remove local storage info.xslt, or remove local storage info strict.xslt. The metadata XML file can be opened in the web editor and used to update the metadata for the hosted layer.

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Thank you Curtis. I think that may help with our workflows going directly from desktop to online. I'm also looking for solutions addressing how metadata from a web service is automatically populated in ArcGIS Online Item Details when you 'add item from web'.