How do students turn in maps?

10-15-2014 01:43 PM
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How do students turn in their work (maps)?  I would prefer to have students share a map with me personally, but that option is not available.  If students share their map to a class group, then the first student to share their assignment can be copied by every student who follows.  Another alternative is to have the student share their map with “Everyone” and email the link to me, but then their map is shared to all users.  Can we ask the developers to allow sharing to individual users (if only for academic org accounts)?





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With an administrator account for the organization, you should be able to see the items of individual users regardless of whether they're shared or not. From the My Organization page, go to Action -> Manage Items for the user that you want to see. That should show you all of the items that they've posted to ArcGIS Online.


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No offense intended Jared, but that's an unworkable solution.  I can't give all of the faculty members who are using ArcGIS Online Admin rights, and there's no way they would want to go poking through students' My Content listings to try to find "Assignment #4".  Turning in an assignment needs to be an action that the student initiates - it isn't a retreival by an instructor.


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With the custom role set to view all content the students could send you a link to their map without switching the sharing on the map item and you can view the map without having to grant a complete admin access to the entire org. You just need to be signed in first to be able to access the content.

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What if each student creates a group titled with their name and "TurnIn."   For example, TurnInAhern or perhaps TurnInGeo101Ahern if the course name should be included.  They could then add the instructor and only the instructor to their group, and then share the work with that group only.  It would still be a bit of a pain for the instructor as they'd need to go through and accept the invitation to each group, but in the instructor's group list the students would be in alphabetical order. 

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I think Ina is probably on the right track...however I would flip it on end and have the AGO Administrator setup each group, one for each student, and add the instructor and respective student.  There is no need to accept the invitation for either party (teacher or student) since there is an option to automatically add a person(s) to a group. 

If you need to do this for multiple classes or have a large number of students I would highly recommend looking into the GeoJobe Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online.  This tool allows you to do some batch processing and administration of users, groups, ect... for AGO using CSV's.