How do I get my GDB features to Map Viewer

01-05-2022 05:23 PM
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I am a volunteer in a local project.

I am using a personal license for Arcmap to create my gdb and features. 

I need to send the features or map to ArcGIS Online where  two others need to view the features in Map Viewer as part or our collaboration in this project.

I have studied and read for quite a few hours over the past few days but apparently am not comprehinding or finding the right information to make this happen correctly.

I have tried several methods, and come closest using the MXD to Web map tool. I created a new map project in Arcmap, and added only the key features. Then I used the MXD to Web map tool. I have tried to uses symbolgy and labeling, etc. but have resolved to simply adding the features in the Arcmap Map Document as they are. After many tries, often starting over with a new Map Document and adding the data again, I always get a lot of errors. But usually, a Web map is sent to ArcGIS Online's Map Viewer. On my last try, during writing this, the Web map was processed without error. That gave me 3 things in my content. A Web Map, Feature Layer (hosted) and Service Definition.

Viewing the content, I open the Web map, and there are errors for every layer which did not load.

I open the hosted feature layer and all seems well and save that with a new map name.

But I have read and studied so much and tried and failed so often, that his just seems like I just stumbled the right way this time. I need to understand better the probelms I encountered and why and how to push my feature data to on line confidently and knowing a bit more of what I am actually doing and what to avoid.

In addition; Can I not set up a map project with in Arcmap with Labels and Symbololgy and view extents and push that to ArcGIS On line?

Can someone point me in the right direction so i can avoid so many rabbit holes studying and reading material that is probebly not needed, or over my head at this time.


P David Tilley

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My main response is why are you using ArcMap for this task? If you have an ArcMap license you have a Pro license so there is no reason to not use Pro which was written from the ground up for this kind of task. ArcMap was designed before AGOL as we know it even existed so the process is more difficult there.

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Curt, I appreciate that. I was familiar with Arcmap form some 12 years ago when I was active in GIS. As I started, I was seeing ArcGISPro and questioned that. But didnt get an answer that  told me it would be best to start back with a new product. But I have been considering it more. On the morrow, I will install that and see if I can proceed from there.

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Hello David,

Hoping the steps provided in the documentation below can help you get started with publishing layers from ArcMap (or ArcGIS Pro) to ArcGIS Online:

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Thankyou Kanin. I appreciate the quick response. I will go though this tomorrow and see how it goes. Then get back to you.

P David Tilley