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How can I remove decimal points when summing records in the cluster labelling textbox?

10-31-2023 12:13 PM
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I am currently attempting to create dynamic labels for my clusters in Map Viewer. As you can see below, I am using SUM to get a total for Filled and Vacant positions within each cluster.


However, the total is being followed by two decimal places (.00). Is there a way to remove these?

Thank you for your assistance!

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Hi @EH_Alaska , 

I believe you cannot use the round function within the Text pop-up.
You could try using the Arcade pop-up if you want to use expressions like round, etc. 

For what you are trying to achieve, I believe there might be a simple fix.
Use the "Fields" tab to select the attribute you want to remove the decimals from and set the significant digits to '0 Decimal places'





Hope this helps 🙂 







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Hi @gis_KIWI4, thanks for the reply!

That was my first thought, but the field I am summing is a text field (it says either "Filled" or "Vacant") so there is no option to change the decimals to zero. Looking at other forum posts, it seems like this may be one of those things that doesn't have a solution at the moment, but I thought I'd make my own post anyways.

Thank you again for your response, I appreciate it. 😊

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Hi @EH_Alaska

I think you're close. Is {SUM_Vacant} an arcade expression that you are pulling into the pop-up? If so, you can add the Round function to that expression inside the arcade editor to display it as a rounded value in the pop-up. 








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