How can I mass edit features on ArcGIS Online

05-05-2022 09:17 AM
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Hello all,


I want to be able to update a certain area of water pipe material in our water district. I know that I normally could open the hosted feature layer in ArcPro and mass update with select by attributes and calculate the fields column, however we don't have the license to allow for that editing... With that said, how can I replicate or do something similar in ArcGis Online?



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I guess it depends on the kind of edit. From the layer's Data tab (also in the map viewer's table, I think), you can calculate any of the fields using Arcade or SQL. You can't select the features first, but with a carefully-written expression, you can still selectively edit certain features, and leave the attribute alone otherwise.

    WHEN some_attribute = 'some_value' THEN 'updated_value'
    ELSE some_attribute


- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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