How can I get AGO labels to display like I style them in Pro?

05-14-2020 08:19 AM
New Contributor

I built a web map in ArcGIS Online to be embedded in a Story Map, which is intended to pan around.  I used my org's base imagery: aerial orthophotography which has no labels.  I added a feature layer of street centerlines so that I could display the street names.  I was hoping that it would display each street label only once on the screen; however, many labels are repeated numerous times along the street.  At first, I used a centerline layer which has a separate feature for each block along the street (i.e. each block of the avenue would be a separate feature with its own label attribute).  So then I dissolved the layer by street name so that every street would be a single feature, hoping that it would display only one label, but that didn't work either - it still repeated labels in the web map.  Finally, I tried setting the label symbology on the layer in Pro and uploading it again as a new feature service.  When I opened the layer in the web map, I got the same result again: repeated labels.  The attached image is of this final layer (also note overlapping labels at an intersection).  Is there any way to set the street labeling in AGO so that I can guarantee that they only display ONE label per street?

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