How can I change the order of Domain lists?

02-06-2020 03:23 PM
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I keep changing the GDB, then republishing the service, but the Domains never seem to respect the order change.  The field wants the drop downs grouped and I can find no way to make it happen.  

I tried to change the GDB and republish - nope.

I tried rebuilding the entire map - nope.

I tried editing the service definition - nope.

Plus in the domain interface you cannot reorder you must retype them all in.

How can I get the order to be what I want?


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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the post on this - I was able to reorder domains at this endpoint: https://services<#><OrgID>/ArcGIS/rest/admin/services/<serviceName>/FeatureServer/0/upda..., modifying the steps here to reorder the domains instead of adding a new one: How To: Add coded value domains to a hosted feature service from a REST endpoint 

Hope this helps,


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