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10-03-2018 11:28 AM
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I am setting up an in-house ArcGIS Portal at a cancer research facility. The software is local, on a local serer, and is protected behind a firewall. I have been able to set-up the portal and get to the home page, create a map with default basemaps, but I cannot add data to my map that I have uploaded to My Content. I need something called a "hosting server" to access the data I want displayed on my maps and apps. Can anyone elaborate on this, and please no jargon. I am not a server IT person. 

Thanks for your help!

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In order to upload hosted content to Portal, you need the ArcGIS Data Store installed. Have you installed the ArcGIS Data Store?

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You'll also need ArcGIS Server.

Below is a link to a tutotial on setting up your deployment. It goes through each step you'll need to get a complete deployment:

Tutorial: Set up a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment—ArcGIS Enterprise | ArcGIS Enterprise 

An easier approach, though is to use the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder, which simplifies the process of creating your deployment. I strongly suggest you use the Builder rather than set everything up yourself:

What is ArcGIS Enterprise Builder?—ArcGIS Enterprise | ArcGIS Enterprise 

You'll just need help from your IT staff on getting a certificate to use for the web server that will host the web adaptors.