Hosted Web Feature layer suddenly inaccessible

02-21-2022 11:44 AM
New Contributor III

I've run into an error while updating  Field Maps that a hosted web feature layer has become inaccessible. it became inaccessible after creating a new form for data collection. The layer is used across multiple maps. After creating and saving the form, the layer stopped working. When I go into AGOL to look at the layer, the data is missing. the entire layer is only 13mb in size, It also contained 2.5yrs of data. In Field Map I get the following error.Field Maps error.JPG

And I get the follow from AGOL.agol error.JPG

When I look up the error in field maps it says it can't establish a secure connection.  And no details from AGOL. This is regularly used data layer use for tracking  and management purposes. 


I've seen post that suggest the error is with the REST service? Any help to recover the layer would be much appreciated. 


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