Hosted view showing as empty for some users

06-15-2021 09:20 AM
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We are noticing some peculiar behaviour with some of our hosted views. Is anyone else experiencing the same?
Background: We use hosted view layers to share in webmaps with some of our community (Hub) users for surveys. 

Process: Hosted view layers are created from the feature layer, using the View Definition to control what is shared in the layer. Editing is not enabled on the hosted view. The data appears present and correct when viewed from an organisational admin account. The hosted view layers are shared to the community users via groups. 

Issue: The community users see (or rather don't see) an empty/blank layer (no rows in the attribute table and no geometry on the maps).

Workaround: As a temporary solution, we have found that if we turn editing on in the Settings of the view layer, save the Settings, then turn editing back off again (and save), the view layer appears as expected.

Any ideas what may be causing the view not to be shown to the user in the first place?

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I can confirm that we see the same behavior, specifically when editor tracking is enabled.

Our workarounds (either seems to work):

  1. Turn of editor tracking
  2. Make the "main" layer the public one, make an editable view layer

We had cases where edits were made, but the view layer still showed the previous, unedited features, almost as though the view were not syncing with the main hosted layer.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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After some further tinkering I think this may be associated to the Settings in the hosted feature layer. If 'What features can editors see?' is set to 'Editors can only see their own features (requires tracking)' I think this setting may be passed on to any views created, even when editing is turned off for views. Something for further testing to confirm. Turning editing on (all features) and then off again appears to resolve the issue as a workaround. 

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