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08-11-2020 03:59 PM
by Anonymous User
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I would like to open a discussion on the New Home Page Configuration.  What has been your experience?  Are you happy with it?

I'm going through the configuration of the new home page for ArcGIS Online.  The Show cover image consumes a lot of vertical space. If I turn it off, I get a black space.  Can this space be turned off?  Can the height be reduced?   Is this a step backward.  The classic home page allowed html code to customize the banner with text.  Now when one uploads a custom cover image, you get a warning to avoid embedding text in your image as it will not be accessible to some users.   So this cover image is basically a graphic consuming a lot of real estate on your screen.    

If you choose to have your Title and Logo placed in the image, the image is stretched and the left and right margins become cut off.  I not a fan of this.

Is this it for the new home page or is Esri planning to imbue it with more features?

If we are being forced to switch, when will that be.  The current notice is that it is in the future! 

The only improvement I see is the ability to add multiple text blocks and gallery items.   Perhaps there is device compatibility that didn't exist before.    

It may be better to have a simple home page and direct people to Sites or Hub pages.   How about making a Site or Hub page the home page?

Am I missing something???

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I agree with you that the cover image consumes too much vertical space while not allowing it to be modified. 

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