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High Usage of Registered Apps by Org Members

06-21-2022 05:56 AM
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In reviewing the information found within the Organization Status area of the AGOL, I have noticed several days where there is an unusually high App Logins reported by my user (see attachments).  When I logged into AGOL today and checked, the status showed that my user had 444 out of 495 App Logins for yesterday which was a holiday and I never logged in to AGOL.  I am not sure why my account shows so much activity when I am not actively logging in this often.  Is there some automated process in AGOL that would trigger App Logins? If so, why would this/those processes trigger against my login specifically?  Has anyone else noticed high or odd login details like this within their organization?  Can anyone from ESRI's AGOL team posit some reasonable explanations for these types of high logins showing? Is this something that I need to address or is it normal?

Any insights, comments or information would be appreciated.

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