Help with creating custom basemap

09-23-2019 03:12 PM
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Hello, my name is Bryan Hernandez. I am seeking help with some ArcGISOnline stuff for my internship. I was tasked to create an interactive map, much like this map linked. WSDOT GeoPortal  I believe I have learned/gained some understanding of how to add the widgets and table of contents on it. The main issue I am having is create what I describe as a customized basemap for my online map. By customized basemap I mean an area of map that is cut to my own specifications, in this case an area surrounding the four counties I am working with. This sort of reminds me of clipping the basemap in ArcMap except that it retains its interactive features and is able to be published online. I have attempted clipping basemaps in ArcMap and uploading those as my own basemap to ArcGISOnline but when I do the basemap always goes back to its original full scope. I would absolutely love help with this issue as it is the last factor keeping me from being accomplished with this task and moving forward with our project. The best idea I could think of would somehow cutting the dimensions or coordinates of other basemaps. Thanks for your help in advance. 

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