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Having trouble uploading Geotagged Photos in Arcgis Online

07-10-2023 07:24 PM
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Hey everyone! Completely new to Arcgis Online, and right now I just have a free community account. I found an ESRI tutorial on how to make a storymap with geotagged photos, and I've followed it, but they are not showing up in my contents. I sent each image to a zip file, and then uploaded them to My Content under "Photos with Locations." They show up in my Contents just fine, but when I try to add them to my map as a layer, they are not showing up in my contents at all (My contents just shows up as empty as I have nothing in there except for these geotagged photos), and when I try add the layer directly from file, it registers the photo as a shapefile and gives an error message. Any help? 

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Hey Rachel,

Can we just confirm that the photos are geotagged on your mobile device? There can be a few settings that remove this information.


If you could share the error message as well that might give us better detail on where this is going wrong.


Many thanks,


Esri UK -Technical Support Analyst
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