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Having trouble exporting

05-17-2023 05:35 AM
New Contributor

Hello, I am an a-level teacher and my students as well as myself, are having serious issues exporting our maps! I'm using ArcGIS Online (Map Viewer).

I've tried doing it from my account and my students accounts and I literally cannot figure it out! It constantly comes out with an X and an error has occurred. I've tried doing this in Map Viewer Classic and it does let me export but it doesn't have certain features such as the cluster tool and sometimes the finishing of the maps isn't as good as this one.

Can anyone help a stressed out teacher?


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Have you tried exporting it as a PDF or any other format?  I don't usually export maps from Arc Online but I have found on other ESRI platforms sometimes changing things like that helps when there is an issue.  

Also, I would think this could be a licensing issue as well, all though I am not sure of that.

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