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Has anyone successfully published a feature service to AGOL or Enterprise with default attributes in their feature template?

07-20-2022 07:40 AM
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Has anyone been able to publish an editable feature service to AGOL (or Enterprise), whereby the feature template applies default values that have been assigned to that feature class?

When I publish a simple Hosted Feature Service from Pro with default values in some fields, the default values aren't persisting in the feature template when I try to add points in either Map Viewer or Map Viewer Classic. Any ideas? The layer had a feature template set with the default values all locked and loaded at the point of publishing.

So the Feature Template in Pro looks like this:


And the default values seem to be pulled through into Portal on he data itself:



But in both Map Viewer and Map Viewer Classic, the feature template is blank for all the fields with the default values (the point symbol style correctly matches what was published though):


When I Manage the template in Map Viewer Classic (as directed in the ESRI documentation for empty feature templates) the default values are also missing here.

Am I missing something?

The ESRI documentation is quite clear

Create feature templates in ArcGIS Pro

If you publish a hosted feature layer from a project in ArcGIS Pro, define a feature template in the project. See Create a feature template in the ArcGIS Pro help for more information. The feature templates persist when you publish the feature layer and allow editing. Anyone editing the hosted feature layer can work with the feature templates you originally defined with ArcGIS Pro.

Starting to think this may be an overlooked limitation that needs an Idea posting.

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I have exactly the same problem.

I have noticed that the default values are actually applied, but they are only visible after the feature is created and the pop-up is shown or the feature is selected for editing.

So from the user's point of view, no defaults are entered, but in the background they are added. Not very user friendly.



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