Group Members Can't Add Content

09-03-2021 02:41 PM
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I'm an administrator for a group. The group is made of people both inside and outside of my organization.  I've got the settings designed so that all group members can contribute content to the group:


However, people at the group member level are not able to contribute content.  They do not see the option when logged into the group.  I'm not sure how to fix this.  People do not need to be able to edit each other's content, but do need to be able to contribute their own content to the group.

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@JenniferLazo , just to check something. If you removed the external organisation members from the group, would the internal org members be able to add any content? 

Also, have you tried creating a second group, and configuring the same settings and then inviting 1 internal and 1 external, to see what the behaviour is?

Also, what are the user types of the members? Publishers/Users/Viewers etc? 

Do they have the ability to share to groups?



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