Google Analytics for ArcGIS Web App embedded in website

11-30-2021 01:06 PM
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Hi - I'm exploring options to track numbers of visitors and reach on a public-facing ArcGIS web app (using the Nearby Instant App) that's embedded into a website. 

I followed this guide (Using Google Analytics with ArcGIS) but was getting an error when I put in the URL directly to the web app on ArcGIS; the error said - One or more fields contain invalid data. Please fix and submit again. 

So then I put in the URL of the website page where the web app was embedded and it worked. Then I got the tracking code from Google Analytics and put that into my web app.

Ultimately, I'm wondering if someone can offer insights on if providing the tracking code in my web app Web Analytics tab also counts visitors to the website where the app is embedded, not just if someone goes directly to the web app link. 

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