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12-15-2021 07:58 PM
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Dear all,


Currently I am developing a web map services to return the overlapped / touched polygons. However, it is found that for some relatively small polygon, even though i tagged in side the polygon, it failed to return the touch polygon value. May anyone have a solution to this please....... 


(Figure 1: Failed to return overlapped / touch polygon) 


(Figure 2: Able to return overlapped / touch polygon) 


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Hi @serenapoon 

Try setting a higher tolerance when selecting by location and/or performing your overlap/touched polygons selection. See this X,y tolerance article. Alternatively, set a within distance parameter or buffer on your selection.

If you are using different coordinate systems, the application may be comparing the two coordinates in their source reference system values and if your tolerance is not high enough, it may appear to overlap on your application but maybe not within your tolerance distance.

Hope this helps!

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