Georeferencing error 00037

12-29-2020 12:55 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am trying to take a map from a PDF document and get it so I can use it in ArcGIS Online. I was following a great tutorial but ran into a snag. 

My overall methodology is to georeference the pdf map (that I converted into a JPG before putting it into ArcMap Desktop) and then I get it the way I want it. After I georeference the JPG image I rectify and delete the base map I was using. Now I go to share as a service ---> publish a service --> choose a connection ---> and then I fill out the service editor. HOWEVER, once I click analyze I get this error: 

Severity: High

Status: Unresolved

Code: 00037

Description: Basemap Layers cannot be published directly to a service

Name: Basemap

Type: Payer

Data Frame: Layers


I don't know why I am getting this error! I UPLOADED AN IMAGE SO YOU CAN SEE MY SCREEN, JUST DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE. Any advice? 

I'm trying to follow this guys tutorials:



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Can you post a screenshot, but showing the 'List by Drawing Order' option in ArcMap. Using the table of contents—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Can you also show sshots of all the options in your publishing wizard if able.

by Anonymous User
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Thank you for your reply! I'm not sure how that helps get a PDF map onto a map I'm making in ArcMap online. 

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Of course, good luck.