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GeoJSON file on Amazon S3 - Will the associated feature layer automatically update?

08-12-2023 01:59 PM
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Howdy folks:

We have an external survey application that produces a GeoJSON file each time a new survey is completed.  Currently, we can copy this GeoJSON file up to an Amazon S3 bucket.  This happens about once a week.

In ArcGIS Online, I can create a new item and specify a URL that access the file on S3.

Once I have the file in Content area, I can create a Feature Layer based on it and then use that feature layer in a map and in an application.  There is a lot of great functionality I can add including the ability to search all of the attributes in the GeoJSON data and the polygons representing each survey area are shown on the map.

Now I have what I think is a simple question.  If I copy a new GeoJSON file to Amazon S3 and overwrite the existing file, will my Feature Layer automatically see the new features in my updated GeoJSON file?

If "Yes" then I am all set.

However, if the Feature Layer does not automatically get updated, how can I achieve this in an automatated fashion?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Rich H.

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