GeoForm that generates an email notification

04-21-2015 09:19 AM
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Hello everyone,

I relatively new to GIS and have no experience using Code.  I am looking for a way to utilize the new GeoForm App that was recently introduced to AGOL.

My intentions are to use the form to have other members of my organization create a point regarding a known issue.  When the form is completed I would like it to automatically send me an email with the information contained in the form.  Later on I would like to have the same form also push this information out to multiple emails, facebook and twitter accounts.

Any ideas on where I would even start would be appreciated.



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Might want to move this to Web GIS  or ArcGIS Online where it will get more views and probably more valuable responses.

On the right side of the screen there are some options, under the Actions menu you can choose to Move this thread to another location.MoveContent.JPG

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I would utilize the GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS server.  If can create an email when a new point it logged.

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If you are writing via ArcGIS Server to SDE geodatabase you could use SQL triggers to email ...not sure how difficult it would be to push to social media that way.

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You can host the app yourself and use instructions on GitHub (​) as provided by Kyle Heideman​ in this similar thread: