Generate list (domains) from csv file in ArcGIS Online

03-29-2020 01:27 PM
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Hi, I had no problem uploading a csv file as a hosted standalone table and was able to generate a list from the attributes listed in my table (domains) in ArcGIS Online. However, I really want this table as a hosted feature layer for use with Collector App and I do not want to add each domain individually. So I uploaded the same .csv table as a feature layer but when I try to generate a list of domains I get an error message saying There are no values in this field to generate the list. Any advice much appreciated.

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Fiona Melville

Let's see if I understand your question correctly. You uploaded the attached CSV file as a hosted feature layer and want to use the values in the tree species column to generate a list (domain) from it. 

The problem is when your CSV gets uploaded, there are no features getting created. It's empty because your latitude and Longitude columns are empty. Basically, without features, the other data in the CSV is lost.

There are two options I see:

1. Manually generate the list. You can copy/paste the values in.

2. Enter in a placeholder lat/long value for each record. I used 1,1. This allowed a feature to get created for each species type. Then, you'll be able to auto generate the list. However, you'll have 173 invalid points in your layer, that you'll now need to delete one at a time (no select all, delete). 



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Hi Mike,

Many thanks for getting back to me. I understand what you mean. I originally uploaded the csv as a standalone table, it was a hosted feature service and ArcGIS online generated a list for each field. However, collector app would not recognise it, presumably due to lack of lat long fields. However, I thought I could generate lists if I saved the table with coordinate fields etc. I also thought I might be able to convert the standalone table with lists/domains into a feature layer. But no luck. However I will just Create list manually as you suggest. Thank you again.

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