Full Motion Video - Extract Video Frames for Orthomosaic crashing

11-03-2020 09:16 AM
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I cannot get the Extract Video Frames for Orthomosaic FMV geoprocessing tool to work.

I keep getting errors that reference parameters for which there seems to be no explanation in documentation.

For instance, below: What is the "index" parameter? I cannot find a reference for it.

The tool seemed to read all the metadata for the video and then crashed with this error.

Executing: ExtractVideoFramesForOrthomosaic E:\Test_Flight_20201019\GH010224.MP4 E:\Test_Flight_20201019\Frames\1stTry 70 JPG EXIF #
Start Time: Tue Nov  3 11:48:32 2020
Full Motion Video GP Tools v1.4.1 for ArcGIS Desktop 10.7
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
Failed to execute (ExtractVideoFramesForOrthomosaic).
Failed at Tue Nov  3 11:48:44 2020 (Elapsed Time: 11.85 seconds)

Video was taken by a GoPro Hero9 Black.

Video was successfully multplexed and plays within ArcMap.

Perhaps this is related to my other issue: Exported FMV Videos won't play anywhere but in the FMV player without some MPEG-2 codec that Windows cannot find to install.

Any help would be appreciated.

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