Find What3Words address for a point in AGOL

05-06-2021 04:44 PM
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I apologize if I'm using incorrect terminology and welcome corrections, but I just recently installed the What3Words locator in my AGOL organization. I can now use my search in apps and web maps to find a W3W "address" on the map, which I believe is called geosearch. What I want to do is a "reverse geosearch", where I place a point on the map and it returns the address from W3W. I can do this in ArcGIS Pro by using the "What's Here?" option when you right-click the map, but AGOL doesn't seem to have an equivalent of this? Can I perform this in AGOL, or as a widget in an AGOL app? We are looking to be able to find W3W addresses for a point placed on a map and also search W3W addresses given to us for search & rescue and emergency response uses for our dispatchers who use AGOL. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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You must install App builder in you PC and download their widget from github:

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