Find Existing Locations & Derive Existing Locations analyses not working

02-04-2021 02:42 PM
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I'm currently trying to either use the Find Existing Locations or Derive Existing Locations tool, and when I create the query it comes up with the new layer but is just constantly loading and never fully works (called "wetlands intersects SVI"). Anyone know why this analysis may not be working? 

I'm trying to do this because I'm using the National Wetlands Inventory data for New York State, but I want to filter it to just be NYC (the 5 boroughs) and so I'm using this analysis with another layer that exists only in the extent of NYC, so that hopefully the new wetland layer filters to just be the city instead of the whole state. If there's another way to run analysis to do this I'd also love to know! (There isn't any census tract/county/geographical etc data in the wetland layer, so there's no way to join with another layer that has census tracts and just filter to NYC). 

Please let me know why these queries may not be working or if there is another way to filter this layer! 

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Hi Rebecca,

That seems strange that the result layer never fully loads.
Can you share the query you are using for Find Existing Locations/Derive New Locations?
Are you the owner of both layers? If you're willing to share the data, I would be happy to try it out and let you know what I find.

In terms of workarounds, you could try using the Join Features tool using a Spatial Join (using either Intersects or Completely Within, depending on your criteria). You could filter your NYC layer to the 5 boroughs and then use the spatial join to join the Wetlands layer.


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