Export to DXF

07-17-2021 06:58 PM
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Back in 2017 I posted an Idea/Question regarding the support of an Export to DXF widget in the Web App Builder. In 2021 this is still one of those capabilities I'd really like to see.

Some of our organisation use our current SAS solution to export plans in DXF format to share with consultants etc.. These are the last people I plan to move to Enterprise solely down to their use of exporting to DXF, unfortunately they are actually the first I'd truly want to move over due to their planning and design backgrounds.

The current solution is such an easy process; add the data you wish to the map view, click Export, Select the Format, DXF (shape/csv etc is available) and wait for the export. All done. I can't remember the exact stack of technology this is built upon, however, it is Enterprise Postgres & GeoServer based.

So, long story short - without having to install ArcPro on people's machines which just complicates a simple user experience, is there any AGOL solution available that I'm not aware of?

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