Export Map from New Map viewer (PDF, Jpeg, PNG, etc)

09-07-2021 04:15 AM
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Arcgis Online doesn't provide the export map option in its map viewers (advanced and classic). However, there's a web app builder way in which you can print it, but it doesn't incorporate the changes done in advanced map viewer (such as blending of layers, symbolizations exclusive to the advanced version only). The whole point of introducing an advanced version of web map viewer gets jeopardized here itself.

I feel the interface can be made much more friendly for the users, with this simple addition of print feature in the map viewers.

This is a big issue itself, as most of the professionals need the maps to be used in documentations and presentation purpose out of this arcgis online domain. I don't know if this is purposely being done by the developers to restrict the benefits of the service, but do you really think this will stop people from taking snapshots and getting the job done somehow.



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