Export Hosted Feature Layer from AGOL using Python

07-22-2021 01:47 PM
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Hello. I use the following script to batch export and backup my Hosted Feature Layers on AGOL:


The script works great for most things. The problem I am running into is Hosted Feature Layers with an associated Scene Layer (multipatch feature published from PRO). The script, as is, creates a blank geodatabase for each feature layer that has a scene layer (i.e. no data inside the gdb).

If I change the query item type to Scene Service, Python recognizes that I have 8 items, but an error occurs on the download. If I change the item type to Scene Layer, Python doesn't recognize any items. 

I would like an exported database with the multipatch feature just like the other features layers. I've tried writing the scene exports to SLPK, GeoJSON, and File Geodatabase. I am using Jupyter Notebooks to run the script if that matters.

Any ideas?

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