Export Data from Hosted Feature Layer View

12-03-2020 04:31 PM
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I am trying to find a tool, script, or anything that would allow me to completely export a feature layer view. In short, I made a system that will change a point's status based on the counties around it and their status. That status of the counties is a simple domain (green=1, yellow=2, red=3). To make the point change color, I used a join one-to-one between the counties and points and use the "add statistics" to add the total of this number. It works great, however, the issue I have now is my client wants to have a log of those changes to have a time-enabled application. The counties are easy, but I have yet to find an effective way to export the points' (the feature layer view) data with the added statistic number. When I try to list export the data as a file geodatabase, I get an error saying the zip is invalid.

Any help on how to fix this or workarounds would be appreciated. Thanks!

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