Export as shape file - invalid zip

06-21-2019 01:16 AM
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Hi all, I am experiencing difficulties with exporting a web layer as shape file. It creates the zip file but does not close the window after creating it and after downloading the created file I cannot unzip it, telling me it's an invalid zip file. 

I don't remember ever having this problem. Export to gdb is fine. 

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This also happened to me, a coworker, and a colleague in another agency on two different dataset exports. The item is created in my content and when I download it, I click on the zipped folder and get the following message: 

If I navigate to the folder in windows explorer and try to extract the zipped folder, I get this message:

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Same here. Did you ever get a resolution?

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Esri Regular Contributor

No :( 

I keep downloading the data as gdb for now...

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