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Experience Builder Widgets Unresponsive on Smart Phones

08-31-2022 02:02 PM
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Products being used: ArcGIS Online, Newest Map Viewer, Experience Builder; Billboard theme.

Goal: To use the newest products in creating an editable web application.

The purpose of the app was to have contractors change one field from True to False after they finished doing the necessary repairs on an asset.

This was my first time using the new Map Viewer and Experience Builder together.

First I created a feature service in ArcGIS Portal. Using the copy URL feature, I brought both the map and feature services into ArcGIS Online. Then I configured the map/labels/pop ups in Map Viewer. After the map was built, I selected Create app from the side window where the Layers, Basemap, Tables, etc. are. I chose Experience Builder and the Billboard theme. 

There are four widgets: Map Layers, Feature Info, Bookmarks and Edit. All of these widgets work fine when in the preview window. 

I published the app. When the link is open on an iPhone SE or an iPhone 11, I see the map, I can pan around and zoom in. However, when I try to tap on any one of the widgets, they are unresponsive.

Then I tried to republish the app with the Edit widget opening on start up. That does work and it allows me to edit. However, if I close the Edit widget to see more of the screen, I cannot reopen it. 

The app has not been tested on any other platforms so far.


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Thank you!

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