Experience Builder: Show relationship between features within the same Dataset

04-13-2022 11:59 AM
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I am attempting to create a function within an experience I am building in EB.

My goal is to allow users to click on a feature's record or button which will then highlight/pan to another feature (within the same dataset) or take the user to a different page/view to see the "other feature's" info.

Essentially I have multiple projects but some of the projects are dependent on other projects within the same dataset. How can I show this relationship through EB?

At first hard coded the dependent projects into the attribute data of the dataset and presented it as dynamic text within a list but the request from users is to have the ability to click on the record and be taken to the dependent project in one way or another. 

Does anyone have an idea on how I can accomplish this? Help on this is MUCH appreciated.  


Could a different Esri app be a better choice to create this web app?

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Relationship classes are not yet supported in the new map viewer.  It was due in 2020 but it is still a maybe this year.  I really need them also.

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