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Experience builder: setting up record selection triggers to work with text widgets

05-11-2023 01:20 AM
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I am a bit stuck setting up a dashboard style experience builder. 

I have a map widget with text widget "indicators" on the side showing the number of schools in the map. I have managed to set up the text widget "indicator" to change the number of schools in the map extent when the extent changes by setting up an action in the map widget, but this was not excactly the goal.

The main goal is for the user to select a polygon and see the number of schools in that polygon in the text widget "indicator". I have not been able to do this using the map action "record selection changes" trigger. I have the feeling I am missing a detail but have not been able to figure this out.

Is there a way to this? Or does the "record selection changes" trigger need an attribute match in the polygon and school layers, like a district id number?

Thanks in advance

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I am having the same Issue. I want to show only the parcels within an overlay. Have you figured anything out?

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