Experience Builder: Failed to construct 'IntersectionObserver': member root is not of type Element.

04-07-2022 05:18 AM
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Hello everybody,
suddenly, without any modification to the configuration or to the web map, my experience no longer works correctly.

When I try to open the URL a page comes out with:

Failed to construct 'IntersectionObserver': member root is not of type Element.

The application is public, so if you want you can see it yourself. Here the link:


The same error appears when I try to edit from the experience builder.

The environment I use is the normal ArcGIS Online environment.

If I create a new experience, the error does NOT occur. If, on the other hand, I create a new experience from the existing one (the one with the issue) it will present itself.


Hope you can help me,

thank you!


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Yo I have this exact same issue to. I'm building a testing framework for a react.js-based program using arcgis/core. Did you find a solution to this yet? I am not having any luck

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I am also facing the same issue, cannot able to figure it out, will get back to you if I found any solution.

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